Holcam Shower Doors Review

by Angela on May 8, 2012

Why Holcom Shower Doors


Holcam shower doors are the best and ideal doors for any modern shower tray. They present a touch of class and elegance to your bathroom. These magnificent doors can also be customized to fit your taste and specifications. The holcam company prides itself in building only the best, as they also give all their clients a lifetime guarantee on each of their products.

The doors are vinyl grazed and are attached with piano aluminum hinges that are pressed on for greater strength to bring out a magnificent, strong and a tight fit. Holcam shower doors also provide you with a big variety where you will have the freedom of choosing the ones that go with the theme of your house. You can choose any design or style based on your interests and requirements.

Can Holcam Shower Doors Be Customized?

The doors can also be custom made to fit the size shower tray you want, be it a corner shower, neo angle shower door, euro line shower enclosure, sliding doors and so much more. The glass doors can either be framed or otherwise. They also give you the choice of translucent or transparent glass. The hydro shield glass they mostly use doesn’t ware off quickly and keeps your doors looking new; they are also very easy to clean.

Holcam shower doors installations instructions can be found on the holcam company website. They provide a step by step menu that will help anyone install the door themselves. In the event you don’t have internet access the manufacturer also gives out installation menu after the purchase of their products. They can also give you a professional to do all the installation of your new shower door at your request; this is most recommended as they will take utmost care of this lifetime investment. Get the shower you have always dreamed of with holcam shower doors as well as shower tray sizes.

Holcam Shower Doors Review

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